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daX eStevEs is blind in his left eye but he maintains the ability to clearly observe and react creatively. His concepts are flowing with colorful forms and images that are influenced by what he feels. 
As a contemporary mixed media artist and sculptor daX's portfolio includes paintings, prints, installations, sculptures, etchings, mono-prints, ink designs, photographs and mix-media artworks. His other artistic interests include producing music, writing, directing theater and digital productions and cinematography.​
About The Artist...
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An original artwork print by eStevEs begins initially with a series of conceptual sketches and drawings, followed by a preliminary material layout. The concept is then artistically rendered by hand and transformed into a digitized original artwork.  

The master-artwork is then meticulously examined and proofed before being individually reproduced. Each print is pigmented with archival inks in limited editions of fifty-one (51) multi-colored impressions on 100% rag archivist museum paper, signed, numbered, dated and titled by the artist. Additionally, 6 artists proofs, 6 hors commerce, 3 printers proofs and 1 gallery archives print, are studio stamped with full margins unframed and stored by the artist.  

A gallery archives print is regarded by eStevEs as the premier artwork of a limited edition, and as such, appreciates considerably in value, followed closely in worth by the remaining impressions of the limited edition. The resulting prints are highly dynamic and of a superior quality equal to the original master-artwork, and are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity issued by eStevEs verifying the number assigned to each original print of the limited edition of fifty-one.